The Network comprises a Steering Group (including representatives from our affiliated organisations) and a number of Working Groups, each with a specific remit and aligned with the Network’s main activities, which are as follows:

  1. To offer a support network for local departmental (or equivalent) EDI groups or representatives working to develop inclusive departmental communities and institutional practices and cultures, including in relation to teaching and curriculum, research, staff and student recruitment, and public-facing activities and communications. 

  2. Sharing good practice and resources across the Music HE sector via a dedicated web-space, social media discussions and events. We currently have an EDIMS twitter space and the web page is under development.

  3. Mentoring and career development support for scholars (particularly ECRs) from underrepresented demographics, and for students moving into and through Music HE.

  4. Confidential support for staff and students from underrepresented demographics in relation to wellbeing and welfare, including safe spaces for confidential conversations which may not be available via institutional or other means. A closed Facebook space has been set up for this purpose and one of the Working Groups will be dedicated to such support.

  5. Organising events to promote debate and share current practices across the sector, in the UK and beyond. Previous events (organised by the earlier EDI Working Group) were held in May 2019 (‘Interrogating Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in Music: BAME routes into and through Higher Education’) and Jan 2020 (‘Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in Music Higher Education’).

  6. Supporting teaching resource development and other dissemination of good practice through print publication and online resources


We are commissioning a report on EDI across the Music HE sector,in order to understand the current ‘state of play’, and as a starting point for planning future strategy. The report follows the model of the 2015 report commissioned by MusicHE (formerly NAMHE) on ‘Gender and Equality in Music Higher Education’. We anticipate that the report will be published in spring/summer 2021 and the results will be disseminated widely.  

We will also be working in dialogue with a range of external partners in the wider music education sector and the music industry, as well as drawing on experiences and initiatives from outside the UK.