Diversity Action Group success at the Royal College of Music

Changes in curriculum: it is now a requirement for students in the vocal faculty to perform works by Black, Asian and ethnically diverse and female composers.

Changes in programming: concerts of works by Black composers, for example in celebration of Black History Month.

- Niki Moosavi, Students' Union Diversity Officer, Royal College of Music

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"Who Be You" module at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music

Dr James Humberstone developed this module as part of the "Key Approaches in Music Education" unit. It draws on set texts and related media, and is "designed to challenge preservice music teachers in their assumptions and worldview norms". Students reflect upon their practice and worldview in public blogs, some of which can be found here.

"Exploring Cultural Diversity in Experimental Sound" 

Dr Amit D. Patel (PI), Professor Tracey Reynolds and Dr Andrew Knight-Hill from the University of Greenwich have secured AHRC funding for a major research project which will investigate institutional Whiteness in Experimental Sound practices. More details can be found on the UKRI site here.