We have a number of working groups. Read about them here, and use the contact buttons if you'd like to get involved with a particular group. If you have an idea for additional group, please contact us at

Anna Bull (lead)

research report

EDIMS is commissioning a report on EDI across the Music HE sector, in order to understand the current ‘state of play’, and as a starting point for planning future strategy. The report will address both issues of curriculum and staff and student representation.


This Working Group will be leading on this Report, including recruiting a researcher and liaising with them. It is anticipated that the report will be published in spring/summer 2021 and the results will be disseminated widely.

Genevieve Arkle (Social Media)

Freya Jarman (Website)

digital communications

Social Media (twitter and Facebook): 

Maintaining social media platforms:

  • an open public twitter page to share resources and dialogues on the issues concerning this Network;

  • an open Facebook page with a similar function to the twitter feed

  • a closed Facebook Group which offers a private space for discussion and sharing of thoughts and resources.

Network Website:

Maintaining and developing the Network website. The webpage will be used both to promote events and other activities and to share resources.

Shzr Ee Tan (Contact)

CONFIDENTIAL PEER SUPPORT: Co-mentoring, wellbeing, identity

Offering academic and career development support to members of under-represented groups working in Music HE. This will complement support currently offered by institutions and other professional Music organisations and will include advice on career development, job applications, interviews, CV writing, etc.


Supporting colleagues with concerns related to EDI issues who may not have support within their department/institution. The group is not intended to replace local specialist support, including Union support, and will not engage in legal advice, but it will offer an additional space for those who need somewhere to talk things through confidentially.

Gascia Ouzounian (Lead)


Liaising with local EDI groups where they exist, and supporting the establishment of new groups. This Working Group will be the first point of contact between the Network and individual university Departments offering music degrees, conservatoires and other HE Music providers, and will support the collation and sharing (via the website) of good practice, resources and methods to facilitate positive change. This group is developing an online toolkit, including advice and support to EDI groups seeking feedback on marketing materials, including image, language, content, etc.

Helen Minors (Lead)


Organises an annual event for the entire Network and beyond and other smaller-scale events, including relating to individual Working Groups.

We will be hosting an informal EDIMS Forum twice per term from January 2021.

Chamari Wedamulla (Lead)


The EDIMS Network values its student and ECR reps. This group is tasked with making suggestions for actions and working groups, with an awareness of the transitions from student to professional. This transition period is vital and we hope that through this group, members will also offer mutual support and share best practice. 

Amy Blier-Carruthers 


 Affiliations and Partnerships Working Group

Establishing and developing relationships with external partners, particularly from within the music industry. 

Mary Stakelum (Lead)


Establishing and developing relationships with pre-university music education providers, including school teachers, music hubs, Saturday music schools, etc. in order to identify and address barriers to a more diverse Music HE and to explore concrete ways of supporting feeder routes from underrepresented groups.

Rachel Cowgill (Lead)


Supporting resource development and other dissemination of good practice through print publications and online resources.

Lauren Redhead and Jason Stanyek (co-leads)


This working group will focus on the practices, policies, and politics of curricular reform in higher-education music departments. Our goal will be to spearhead a range of conversations among group members that will help us collate examples of curricular reform in a range of music departments and generate a varied compilation of “best practices” that can be drawn on by members of the wider EDIMS community in their own home departments. 

Jonathan Hicks (Lead)


This working group looks widely across HE beyond Music Studies to find ideas and examples to support EDI initiatives in Music Studies. While we are happy to take ideas from wherever we find them, we have particular focus on areas close to the interests of the group's membership: education, creative practice, museums studies, and nineteenth-century studies. We will be liaising with other working groups to support their work, particularly in relation to creative practice, feeder routes into HE, and reimagining the curriculum.

Toby Young (Lead)


This group is exploring ways to identify, address, and challenge issues around EDI within the teaching and learning of practical music-related activities (including performing, conducting, composing, improvising, teaching, facilitating, discussing etc.).


Our work aims to: 1) increase awareness of the structural barriers to inclusion and diversity in musical practice within HE, 2) increase awareness of the historical, cultural and ideological bases of musical practices and aesthetic value systems, and 3) implement strategies that enhance the diversity of musical practices and the diversity of participation within music HE.

David Bretherton and Alice Jeffreys (co-leads)

disability and NEURODIVERGENCE

In process

Laura Hamer (Lead)


The Parenting and Caring Working Group aims to provide a collegial space for staff and students with parenting and/or caring responsibilities. This Working Group aims to raise awareness of the specific needs of those with parenting and/or caring responsibilities and to advocate for change to make academia more inclusive for those with parenting and/or caring responsibilities.